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Boundaries of the Penn Knox Neighborhood Association.
If you live, own property or own a business in this area, you are a member of PKNA.    Come to the meetings and voice your opinion.

Save the Historic Germantown Boys' and Girls' Club Building

Please consider this issue and sign the petition.
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You can print out a petition to gather signatures here

Next meeting is Tuesday, July 11, 2017

NOTE:  We will alternate between the second Monday and second Tuesday.

7-9 pm
Held at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, 143 W. Coulter.
Off street parking



Jan 10 Tuesday       Feb 13 Monday       cancelled       April 10 Monday       May 9 Tuesday       June 12 Monday       July 11 Tuesday       Aug 14 Monday       Sept 12 Tuesday       Oct 9 Monday       Nov 14 Tuesday        Dec 11 Monday

Chair:  Sue Patterson-   Vice Chair:  Melissa Fisher   -   Secretary:  Georgette Bartell   -   Treasurer:  Russ Kleinbach

If you have pictures taken in PK that we could post, contact Georgette.

Special concerns

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