Real Estate Tax relief is provided by the City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue for your Real Estate Taxes.  Listed below are some of the programs.

  • Homestead Exemption Program. You can reduce the assessed value of your property by $30,ooo for tax purposes. (You can get a homestead exemption if you have an apartment in the house that you live in that you rent but only for the square footage that you occupy.)

  • Low Income Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Freeze Program

  • Owner-Occupied Real Estate Payment Agreement Program: make monthly payments on back taxes

  • Real Estate Tax Installment Program: may pay annual real estate taxes in monthly installments

  • Real Estate Tax Credit for Active Duty Reserve and National Guard

  • Real Estate Tax Deferral Program: help if tax increase has created a hardship

Water Bill  
tip: if you notice a big increase in this bill, check for leaky toilets.  Also, turn off all water, wait 1/2 hour, check meter.  If it is turning, there is a leak.  When the water department person comes out, they will tell you if you have a leak for sure but telling you where it is is not part of their duty.  You can always ask, though.)

  • Senior Citizen Discount for low income seniors

  • Water Revenue Assistance Program (WRAP) for payment agreements for past due bills

Click here to get all the information and applications also in Spanish. Long document, scroll down. 
Also, go to for these documents or call 215 686 9200.
Want to know how much impervious land you have?  Check this out

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4th Senate District,
Philadelphia Office
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