Penn Knox and Wister Historic Survey
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Click on this article on from 1993 where much of the information holds true today.

Penn Knox is approximately 103.26 acres, 0.161 square miles or 0.418 square km in northwest Philadelphia.  Our neighborhood is rich in buildings from the 18th and 19th century and in order to ensure this treasure for the future we are committed to preserving it.   Early in the history of our country, Philadelphia was the largest city which brought along with it the difficulties of people living in close proximity to each other especially during the summer when disease was rampant.  Germantown was far enough from the city to escape the disease and close enough to be reached by horse and carriage in a day.  Some of the lucky city dwellers spent the summer in good health up here with clean air and water.   Even George Washington once stayed in PKNA for the summer in a house on Germantown Avenue and School House Lane. 

These are the historically certified buildings in PKNA

5409-11 Germantown Ave   1/25/1966
5419 Germantown Ave   1/25/1966
5423 Germantown Ave   1/25/1966
5443-45 Germantown Ave   1/25/1966
5503-05 Germantown Ave    6/26/1956
5507-17 Germantown Ave   1/25/1966
5519 Germantown Ave    1/25/196

5337 Greene St    3/29/1966
5339 Greene St    3/29/1966
5340 Greene St    7/12/2013
5343 Greene St    3/29/1966
5345 Greene St    3/29/1966
5349 Greene St    3/29/1966
5418 Greene St    3/29/1966
5428 Greene St    3/29/1966
5430 Greene St    3/29/1966
5436 Greene St    3/29/1966
5438 Greene St    3/29/1966
5443-61 Greene St   1/25/1966
5511 Greene St   1/25/1966

116 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966
118 Maplewood Ave    3/29/1966

124 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

126 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

132 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

134 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

140 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

142 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

148 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

150 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

156 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

158 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

164 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

166 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

172 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

174 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

180 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

182 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

188 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

190 Maplewood Ave   3/29/1966

24 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

26 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

46 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

47 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

48 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

51 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

53 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

54 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

55 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

56 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

57 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

59 Maplewood Ml   3/29/1966

45 W School House La   1/25/1966

55 W School House La   1/25/1966

61 W School House La   1/25/1966

100-52 W School House La   6/26/1956

107 W School House La   8/7/1980

These are the buildings that are historic but have not yet been designated

The Germantown Boys and Girls Club at ...  23 W. Penn Street

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This is a letter from the family of Julie Baranauskas who passed away in early September 2016.

Dear friends of Julie Baranauskas,

It is with great sadness that we share with you the news of Julie’s sudden passing.  We are deeply touched by the outpouring of memories, words of appreciation, and condolences from so many of you.  To say that Julie was a Force is an understatement.  She impacted many in her community and we know that she had a large number of friends.  Those who knew her know of her generosity, humor, strong-mindedness (another understatement), and fervent commitment to her neighborhood, Germantown, and to Philadelphia schools.

Julie was a woman of action.  If she believed something needed to be done, she went ahead and did it.  Her determination was best seen in her work as chairwoman of the Penn Knox Neighborhood Association.  Julie also taught English in Philadelphia public schools for many years and later become a teacher mentor to young educators.  She loved her pets and books, of which she had many, respectively.  She loved Germantown, which she called “a jewel in the city,” and whose rich history and community she was very proud and protective of.

Julie’s death occurred last week of natural causes, she is survived by her three children and two grandchildren.  A memorial service for her was held Saturday, September 17th, from 2:00 to 4:00pm. 

Liam, Abi, Morgan, Sam, Erin, and Kendra